WHY RoyalBaby

Royalbaby has become the leading brand for kids bikes in the past few years.  Our achievements can be resorted to the following:

l  Sustaining investment and efforts on R & D to make better bikes for kids  - We put ourselves in the shoes of junior riders and their parents to find out how could we serve them better.

l  Always targeting higher standard on quality of products and service – We should make riding and selling Royalbaby bike an enjoyable experience

l  Unique design of kids bike and always new things to the market  - We lead the market not follow it.

l  Protection and support to local partner - We work with only one local partner to make sure an long term and profitable business for them

l  Think and act in the way of internet age - Our product, marketing and distribution have to cope with the need of internet age.


HOW to become Royalbaby partner:

l  If you have experience in bicycle or children products business, and you are willing to spend years of hard work to be the top dealer of kids bike in your country/region, please CONTACT US now by e-mail.

l  If currently we do not have a local partner yet, and you have the above qualification, we can work on a trial order to test your market.  Then, if the result is encouraging and both parties agree, we will sign sole/exclusive agency for your local market.  We will establish long term partnership to study and develop the local high end kids bike market together with the target to be the top brand in years.

Agency Policy

l  We work with only one partner for regional market to protect the market.  Our partner will have to follow the same rule when they are building up its own Royalbaby selling net work. 

l  To start with, small trial order is always encouraged.  We have ready stock and we do not ask for MOQ for the trial order.  Different items and colors can be mixed in the trial order to help you to test the market.

l  We may not work with the leading kids bike dealers.  But we request the real commitment.  And local partners of Royalbaby should take this business as a long term investment. 

l  We are not asking for the sales volume, but we will ask for best service, positive feedback of customer experience and stable growth on yearly basis.

l  We will not looking for fast expending but stable increase.

l  To help our partners benefits from our co-operation will always be our most essential policy and target.



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